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Monday, 22 September 2014

My Pick of the Naked Palettes

Urban Decay is definitely up there among my favourite make-up brands and it's all thanks to those gorgeous cult classic palettes that they do - Naked 1, 2 & 3. There's something about Urban Decay eyeshadows that makes them an absolute delight to use and wear, they're so buttery, pigmented and easy to blend. The colours are gorgeous too, and often come in shades that we may not have seen before. 

I can honestly say Urban Decay shadows are the only ones I use.  Having tried, tested and loved all three of the palettes, I find myself these days reaching for Naked 2 far more often than any of the others. Naked 1 comes in a very close second and has been incredibly well loved over the last couple of years (having suffered everything from water damage to rips and tears and god knows what else, it's still usable however no longer in good shape!) At $50 for 12 eyeshadows they're incredible value too. Even though this post has been done a billion of times before, I thought I'd share with you my picks from Naked 2.

Thank god Urban Decay changed the packaging. As I've already noted, my Naked 1 is an absolute mess these days and I'm thinking I may need to repurchase another.  Naked 2 is full of warm-toned neutrally taupey shades which I absolutely love, it's got golds, it's got shimmery highlights, the perfect matte black, greys, coppers... The list goes on. The packaging is also gorgeous and incredibly sturdy and though the colours are quite similar to Naked 1, I think that's why I love it so much. These tones and colours are incredibly 'me', they suit my complexion more than any others and while many have complained Urban Decay should have gone in a different direction with the Naked 2 Palette I personally beg to differ.  Full of 12 stunning shades which I adore all of, I've picked my favourite five to rave about to you.

This one's my absolute favourite. While you do get a fair bit of fall out from this product I've learnt many ways to prevent and deal with it. Quite an unusual shade, it seems to have bronze, purple and taupe qualities to it, however stunning nonetheless. Gorgeous pigmentation, gorgeous texture, I adore this smoked through the outer corner for a bit of subtle definition.

//Half Baked
While this has been a topic of criticism for Urban Decay, I was so happy when I saw Half Baked was featured in Naked 2 as well as Naked 1. I've well and truly hit pan in the original palette and seeing as I adore this colour so much I needed another in my life. The perfect perfect gold with such a gorgeous smooth, buttery texture and the right amount of pigmentation. There's a few dupes on the market so if you're not looking to buy the whole palette or looking for a cheaper alternative there are similar shades out there. 

Love this as an innercorner or brow bone highlight. Bootycall has quite a frosty, shimmery finish and has just the right amount of pigmentation for a subtle highlight. Reminds me of Mac's Vanilla. Luuuurve it. 

Normally I stick with matte browns through my crease and don't venture too far from them.  This shade though is a complete exception, I can't get enough of it.  I'd call this a taupey mauve brown and it certainly has a matte finish. Works well with all the other shades in the palette and a lot of other shades from other Naked palettes as well. 

Absolutely adore this one. A gorgeous shimmery purpley plum with warm undertones.  This one works gorgeously with my hazel eyes.  Like most of the other shadows, has that gorgeous smooth, buttery texture that Urban Decay do so well, with a gorgeous level of pigmentation.  Another that I love blended through the outer corner. Quite reminiscent of Hustle from the Naked 1.

While these are my five favourites I love all the shadows in the palette. I also have a soft spot for Chopper, Snakebite and Verve. Unless you're a palette addict like me, I wouldn't say you need both the Naked 1 & 2. They have similar qualities and you honestly could get by with only one, while Naked 3 is a different, gorgeous rose gold addition to your collection. Lovely colours and incredible value, do yourself a favour and run out and grab yourself a Naked palette.

Cait xx

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