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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Top 3 Spring Nail Polishes

I can't believe we're already nearly a month into Spring. While the weather is still being a little temperamental, the days where the sun has made a cheeky little appearance are making me so excited for the warmer months. While Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons, and those seasons host some of my favourite trends - berry lips, tartan, ankle boots.. The list could go on... I still do adore Spring and Summer and do throughly enjoy cracking out brights, pastels and everything in between. Pinks and oranges are a nice change from deep reds and berries and I feel in these seasons we can be a little more experimental when it comes to the brighter end of the colour spectrum. 

Even though my nails aren't the most gorgeous things at the moment (I'm on a mission to kick that disgusting nail biting habit) I do love a good spring nail polish. I'm a total Essie girl at heart and I've picked out three that have been making their way onto my nails the most this past month. 

Mint Candy Apple by Essie $16.95
Everyone and their dog has heard about Mint Candy Apple. Such a gorgeous colour. Absolutely adore this, although you do need about three coats to get it looking completely opaque. The perfect colour that sits somewhere between blue and green.

Lilacism by Essie $16.95
Lilacism and I go waaay back. This was actually my first ever Essie purchase and certainly got me hooked on the brand. A stunning pastel lilac, I absolutely adore this during Springtime. 

Rose Bowl by Essie $16.95
Unfortunately I haven't seen this one in stores for a while, so I have a feeling it may have been discontinued. Love this though, a deep rosey pink, gorgeous for when I wanna steer clear of the pastels for a little while and go for something a little more eye catching. 

Also girls if you're in Australia run into Priceline as for a limited time they're selling Essie nail polishes for $12.95!

Cait xx

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