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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Six Of The Prettiest Places In Europe

There's absolutely no doubt that Europe boasts some of the most gorgeous locations in the world. From historic cities and tiny villages found in any European country... to beach side heaven in the likes of Italy or Greece.... to tiny fairytale like towns tucked away in the Norwegian Fjords... The list is neverending and no matter how many times one visits, there is always somewhere new to take your breath away. Here are six places in Europe which I've found to be among the most picturesque and photogenic. 

//Polignano a Mare, Italy
While we only had an hour or two in this adorable Southern Italian town, it left an impression on us none the less. The highlight of Polignano a Mare is it's tiny yet gorgeous beach nestled in amongst a clearing of clifflike rocks and buildings. 

//Honfleur, France
Located in Normandy in Northern France, this town is not only aesthetically pleasing but also has an incredibly rich history, making the town all the more interesting.  The colourful buildings lining the port have a Copenhagen kind of a feel to them. A gorgeous town with so so much to offer. 

//Geiranger, Norway
This place is absolutely magical, and even more so if you arrive by boat. Travelling through the Norwegian Fjords is a simply breathtaking experience, one that will stick in my mind for a very long time. With tiny wooden buildings and jaw dropping surroundings, this town absolutely oozes charm.  The town boasts a tiny yet gorgeous chocolate factory, a variety of waterfalls, many walks you can go on, and a range of adorable shops.

//Paris, France
Could you really talk about Europe's best offerings without mentioning Paris? There's something so captivating about this city. So romantic, historic and simply gorgeous. Paris has so so much to offer, especially prime photo opportunities. The buildings, the bridges, the trees.. Everything in Paris is so picturesque. 

//Ring Of Kerry, Ireland
We first visited Ireland in 2012, and that was when we drove the Ring of Kerry. There's always something spectacular out your car window, gorgeous greenery, lakes, the sea... Ireland is absolutely captivating and the Ring of Kerry basically sums Ireland's beauty up.  Since my first visit to Ireland, the country has been one of my favourite destinations (although maybe my Irish heritage makes me a little biased) and the Ring of Kerry has been one of my favourite memories.

//Stavanger, Norway
While Stavanger is Norway's fourth biggest city, it certainly doesn't feel that way. It has a gorgeous mix of old and new.  The old part of town has stunning winding streets lined with tiny little white houses, all with flowers and bikes out the front. With gorgeous sights and attractions wherever one turns, this is one beautiful city not to be missed.

Obviously there are so so many more gorgeous places that Europe boasts, but there you have my personal favourites that I long to revisit.

Cait xx

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