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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Neutral lips

It's been a good four months since I was last swiping on a bold lip on an everyday basis. I used to crack out the reds, plums and everything in between like you wouldn't believe, and the thought of leaving the house with a nude!?! That sent shivers down my bright colour loving spine. However, whether it be a phase or a permanent change altogether, times have changed, and for the time being, my 'look at me' lip days have come to a abrupt halt.  I've been leaning towards nudes, pinks and peaches more than anything else. Although complete nudes terrify me still (I could never pull off one of those) these shades are more 'my lips but better.'  So why not crack open that lipstick draw, and share with some of you my top five lipsticks that are more on the neutral side. So behold, I've got some serious lip product raving to do.

// Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 19
 There's nothing better than an effortless lip look especially when it comes from a lipstick that gives the illusion of plumper lips. This lipstick is pink, yet brown, yet nude, all rolled into one, and if I do say so myself, may even be a drugstore dupe for Chanel's Rouge Coco in No. 5 Mademoiselle, speaking of......

//Chanel's Rouge Coco in No. 5 Mademoiselle
This was my first ever high end purchase ever, back in the day when I was around 13 or 14.  I love this lipstick to absolute death. A nudey brown I'd call it. Not only are Chanel's formulas on point, but their classic, classy, black and gold packaging always suck me in too. 

//Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 16
Can I just say how much I adore this formula of lipsticks? This particular colour is a gorgeous baby pink. I adore this on days when I want a little pop of colour, but not in a in your face kind of way. 

//Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie
As the name would suggest, the best way I can describe this colour is like a berry nude.  Quite a sheer lipstick with a raspberry kind of a tinge to it, has a slight shimmer to it too. Love this a lot and evidently so does my Mum - I often find this bad boy sneaking it's way into her bathroom.

//Revlon Lip Gloss in Peony
Alright, not a lipstick, but I had to give this one a mention. I was never a lip gloss girl until I tried this - I always feared their sticky, unpleasant, much too glossy consistency.  This gloss completely changed my idea of lip gloss. The formula isn't sticky at all, but feels more balmy on the lips. This colour is gorgeous, a light nude pink. I often wear it alone or on top of a nude lipstick.  

Cait xx 

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