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Thursday, 18 September 2014

My Travel Bucket List..

If you've had a bit of a snoop around these parts already it'll be no surprise to you that I love nothing more than travel. I've been lucky enough to venture to a fair few gorgeous, interesting, historically rich places, but I'd be lying if I said I'd been to everywhere my heart desires.

One of my favourite quotes is "The world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page." The world has so much to offer, so much to show us, to teach us, so many things that can open our eyes and if we don't experience as much of it as possible then quite frankly we're missing out. I firmly believe that since I've experienced other cultures and ways of life that I've grown as a person and I am more open to so many more things.  There's something about a place that can shape us. Everywhere we go becomes a part of us somehow, everyone we meet has some sort of an impact upon us, no matter how small. That's why travel appeals to me so much.

You often hear people say "Oh they've been bit by the travel bug." And rightly so. The more I travel the more I want to travel. I want to see more, experience more and learn more. While I've been to some stunning places that are on the top of my list of places I want to return to, I also have a longing to see so many more destinations and to set foot in many more gorgeous places. While many people have a regular bucket list, I have a travel bucket list, full of places I'm dying to visit at least once in my life. Some destinations are particular cities, others are countries that I all round want to experience and there are a few landmarks thrown in the mix as well.  I've picked the top 7 from that list (of over 35!) to share with you all.

//New York City, USA
I'd be lying if I said my desire to visit New York wasn't influenced by the likes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Gossip Girl. All you have to do is flick on an episode of GG and instantaneously you're overcome with an urge to be running the Upper East Side in a similar fashion to Blair Waldorf (my Queen, if I do say so myself.) While Manhattan looks absolutely delightful, the city as a whole looks gorgeous. As they say "A bad day in New York is still better than a good day anywhere else."

I'm not quite sure what it is but there's something about Amsterdam that seems so ridiculously appealing. With only 740,000 inhabitants, the city is far less crowded and busy than that of London or Paris, which allows visitors to get a greater feel for the city.  There are canals, world class museums and gorgeous historic buildings everywhere. Someone book me a plane ticket please?

Technically I've already been to Switzerland, but it was a two hour stop over in Lausanne whilst traveling by train from France to Italy.  While it was a ridiculously short visit, Switzerland took my breath away and Lausanne was absolutely stunning. The lakes, the mountains, everything about Switzerland looks so so gorgeous. The Swiss Alps look insanely picturesque and skiing in Switzerland is something I'm dying to do.

Again like Amsterdam, I'm not entirely sure why I want to visit so badly, I just do. The Swedish culture always seems so fascinating and I've loved Scandinavia since my visit last year.  With impressive scenery, cities with so much to offer and incredible food, I can tell I'd like Sweden.  Also the fact that a huge percentage of the population speaks English is a massive bonus!

//The Bahamas
How gorgeous do the Bahamas look? From stunning beaches with gorgeous clear, warm, turquoise water to the weather to the authentic shopping that shows off the islands culture... There's so much to see and do in the Bahamas, with coral reefs and pink sand, I'm there.

For such a tiny island, Malta has such a rich history.  Their beaches look absolutely gorgeous, English is their second language, you don't have to travel for hours on end to get from one place to the other, there seems like there's so much to do and see and it's relatively cheap. What else could you want?

//Tokyo, Japan
Having only been to Beijing, I'm very eager to explore a lot more of the Asian region.  Tokyo always seems so modern, stylish and fascinating, somewhere I'd love to just roam about. I'm also dying to try the food, sushi is one of my favourites but it's not often that you get the authentic Japanese experience in Australia.  I've had friends who have been and loved Tokyo, and I'd like to experience it too.

Cait x

*All photos are my own, hence why they aren't of any of the locations listed above.


  1. So many amazing places! NYC is definitely at the top of my bucket list. Hopefully we both get to visit soon!! :) xx

    The Sunday Chapter

    1. Hopefully, it looks absolutely gorgeous! (: xxx


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